Monday, November 28, 2011

World Wide Female Leader

Women are complicated beings to say the least. I'm one and I still don't know myself. You know the question of all ages "What do women want" I don't know what I want. What made me happy in my teens is not the same as when I was in my thirties. What makes me fulfilled now wasn't the same 10 years ago. My likes and dislikes change every year and sometimes every day of the year. It's not because I'm wishy-washy rather I'm very receptive of changing times. I feel that I'm a big sensitive antenna that picks up every subtle nuance in the universe. It should be easy for anyone to figure out what they want and what makes them happy but it's not easy for women. The reason for me is because I don't think of myself as a single organism but merely a small part of the vast universe. That is why if I hear a woman is being abused in any part of the world I fell rage. When the news is full of female children and young woman who are victims of abduction, rape, and murder it obviously affects my world. Another aspect of the complicated female is her moods and mood swings. As you know the female species is born with all the eggs she is going to need or use in her lifetime. Just image little girls walking around with a sack full of tiny bombs that are set to go off each month during their lifetime. I like to think of myself as pretty normal and uncomplicated being until right before my 12Th birthday. That is when I was happy with dolls, candy and pretty dresses. I liked to play hide & seek and going to birthday parties. But the summer of my 12 birthday I got a rude awakening one morning. Thank goodness I have seven older sisters so one of them explained the facts of life and recommended a book for me to read if I wanted more scientific explanation. Thus my roller coaster journey started. First is PMS then its the actual M and then you have maybe a week of reprieve and then it starts all over again. This is life for all women for roughly 40 years. And for the male species who may not know it is not just PMS. For some of us its also excruciating cramps and migraine headaches. It's being anemic and the resulting fatigue. And one day its over, and you think oh freedom at last. But nature has another cruel trick for you. The same hormone that used to give you PMS now it's no more, so instead of PMS you get hot flashes. You could be sitting in your office talking to a client about some serious business and it attacks. You become red in the face the collar of your jacket is on fire and rivers of sweat are running down your arms. What do you do in those instances. The obvious solution is to undress right there in front of your client if not you will self combust. So you see these are some of the reasons that women are complicated and making them happy is so absoluty difficult. We are at the mercy of our hormones, we are sensitive to our environment and hurt when other human beings hurt. True some of us love shoes and designer hand bags, and it's also true that some of us have a passion for diamonds and gems. But none of these are going to make us eternally happy all the time only a fraction of the time. What would make me happy is a world without hunger, without wars, without hate. I really think that the solution to all the ills of the world is a worldwide female leader with a cabinet full of other great woman.  Until that day lets just pray.            

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Whatever Mineh

I have a blog called Driving Thoughts, thoughts that I had while  driving to work. My last post was months ago. Well I haven't been working so I haven't been driving much either. But funny as it may sound I still have thoughts. My thoughts may not be profound or original but they have to be expressed, if not I may blow up and self destruct. Some time ago I made a list of things I must do such as, do one creative thing every day, write a page about any thing every day, learn yoga, listen to new music, and the list goes on. Needless to say I haven't done any of them yet. You know, life happens regardless of lists. There are the usual mundane things like cooking and cleaning and doctor appointments and then there are the occasional family disasters one has to take care of. There is one other thing that prevents me from following my list. Whatever I want to do I think to myself that it's not good enough, it's not original, it's not deep enough, it's not brilliant enough, it's been done before, it's too pedestrian, basically I hate everything I do even before I do them. You might say so don't do anything . I agree, but then there is this nagging voice that keeps telling me "you must, if you don't you will regret the empty life you lived on your deathbed and it would be too late." I have to make a confession. I am addicted to the game Mah Jong. I have been playing different varieties of it for more than a year. I play for hours at a time. The beautiful thing about this game is that you could go to the end of it and if it's not solved you can back track or undo your steps and correct the mistakes that you made and solve the puzzle. You can try as many times as you want until you solve the puzzle, you can even reset the whole game and start at the beginning. If only life could be like that. I know that I would go back and change my college major, I would not start smoking, I would keep track of my old friends, I would take more risks, I would learn to surf, I would be a better parent. Has this ever happen to you? you apply for a job and the hiring manager is your school mate from grade school that you and your friends made fun of? Or you train a new employee so well that she becomes your boss in a year? These are the times that you could hit the reset button and right the wrong move you made, but alas life doesn't give you second chances. Something to think about, No?