Thursday, July 31, 2014


Lately I've asked myself more than a few times if it's the end of the world.  

Too many bad things are happening these days. Too many kids are dying, kids dying in Gaza, in shot down air plaines, in sinking boats, in hot cars. Thousands of children fleeing their homes and countries to escape violence, risking their lives. Russia is putting his paws on Europe again,  radical Muslims are setting up Caliphates, burning churches, historic holly sites, running thousands of people out of their home and country. There are civil, religious, and sectarian wars in Syria and Iraq.  There are millions of refugees with uprooted homes and lives not knowing when they will return home if ever. The Ebola virus is killing hundreds in west Africa. 

These are the big stories but there are much much more, appalling and horrific things happening around the world every day. Girls raped and hanged in india, newly married couple stoned to death in Afghanistan or Pakistan I forget which. Human slavery and trafficking rampant around the world. Which catastrophe should I tell, which should I leave out, all are tragedies, all cause endless human suffering. Add to all these, suing the president and or impeaching the president and that is the whole catastrophe. And "thanks" to the internet & social media we all are witnesses  

I know that some people are more tuned in to the news than others, I know some people care and most don't, maybe a lot of people are not effected by any of these situations, but I'm not one of them.  Everything awful that happens around the world effects me in a harmful way. I have lost any respect I had for humanity, I have no hope for anything getting better,  I feel powerless and I'm profoundly saddened.

I listen to the news when I'm driving because I get bored, but at home I check different online sources a few time a day to see what's happening in the world.  I understand that blanket coverage of any news story is a ratings killer specially if the viewing audience is not vested or emotionally involved with the story. However it's ridicules to have a story about the civilian casualties in Gaza and a new album release by some obscure artist in the same hour or worse yet, yesterday there was a story about a sports team introducing a new team member and he went on with a 20 minute talk about God and his beliefs and how people should get close to God. I kept tuning the radio off and on but he was still going strong. To me that was so irrelevant. 

It's very difficult to live in a world were all of these things are going on and still be interested in The Kardashians,  or a new movie, or Justin Bieber, or Pinterest. 
It is tough to reconcile all the realities of the world. I think it's hellish, I think the world may be coming to an end, I think we would be better off with another cleansing flood or a nuclear blast.