Thursday, September 4, 2014

Solitary Confinment

I feel like I’m in solitary confinement but I’m not. I’m in my home by myself. I have two dogs but they don’t speak my language. In 3 days I haven’t spoken with anyone for any length of time. I talked with my sister on the phone for a few minutes, while shopping I was greeted and I answered back, and that’s all. It feels strange not having anyone around to talk to. But it’s also very calming. I watch TV, listen to the news and think. Of course I do other things too, like reading, watering the plants, sewing, and cleaning.

Since the news is saturated with what’s going on in Iraq and Syria and ISIS I can’t stop thinking about these issues. What I think of the foreign fighters who have joint ISIS, is that they are power hungry losers who were nobodies in their country, they have no ideology and are just attracted to the attention, the weapons and the sense that they can do anything they want and no one will stop them. Well, so far they have succeeded but as they kill more and more journalists from the West, the western countries will start dong something.  Meanwhile Putin is sneaking into Ukraine while denying involvement with a straight face, Israel is doing what it has been doing for decades, which is land grabbing, occupying and killing. Iran is putting young women in prison for wanting to watch sports. Here in America people are still pouring ice water on their heads even on a 18 month old baby, in India they are still killing girl babies and advertising for brides. Ebola is racing through Africa unchecked killing hundreds of people. Today Joan Rivers died, which is sad because she was a fearless woman. I think she would still be with us if she didn’t undergo yet another cosmetic surgery. The dad who forgot his toddler in his car has been indicted with first degree nuder with malice and could face the death penalty which he deserves. 

The Earth still orbits around the Sun and the Sun rises each morning like always.

Every human being is a story, some stories are told and billions untold. Babies are still being born, people die in their beds, in car crashes in the battlefield, in the hands of ISIS or their parents.

 Despite everything life is still beautiful, the sky is blue the oceans powerful and the seasons come and go as they should.  

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