Saturday, April 25, 2015

Desperate for Answers

Desperate for Answers

When will parents stop feeling guilty about how their children's lives turned out? 
When should a parent shift responsibility for a disabled child to another entity? 
What if a child never becomes an independent adult? 
Should parents put themselves first at any time?
Or children should come first all the time? 
Should parents prepare their children with the eventuality of parental death
At what age do children understand the concept of death
How can any parent guarantee that their disabled child will be taken care of after they’re 
Should the siblings have any responsibility for their sick or disabled sibling? And to what extent? 
Should the extended family be responsible for a child who’s left parentless?
Is it a good idea to appoint an outsider as your Trustee? In appose to a family member? 
Will my disabled adult child feel abandoned if I place her in a group home?
Would I hurt her psychologically if I do?
What if something awful happens to her there? Will she recover emotionally? Will I?
Will I be able to forgive myself?
Have I been using my disabled child as a crutch
Do I blame her for my failures? Or use her as an excuse for them? 
Would I be a different person if she had remained healthy?
How has her life impacted mine?

Can I find answers for these difficult questions?

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