Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Facebook Friends

My Facebook Friends come in every creed, color and ideology
(And everything in between)
From A to Z

A-My friends are American, Armenian, Arab, Australian, artists, Atheists & animal lovers, 

B-Some of my friends are bankers, beauticians, bachelors, bicyclists and baby lovers,

C-There are some who are clever, creative, cooks, celebrities and cat lovers.

D-Then there are the dog lovers, dare devils, down to earths, Democrats and doctors.

E-I have a few elitists, enlightened ones, elegant ones and earnest friends.

F-Happy to say I have some famous friends, feminists, fearless and fancy friends.

G-I have a lot of good friends, goofy ones,  gorgeous and gritty friends.

H-I'm friends with some honest, hilarious, handsome and hard working friends. 

I-I'm sure I have Iranian friends, inclusionary friends and a lot of idealists.

J-Ii's good to have some jeweler friends, Jewish friends, journalist and just friends.

K-There are karaoke, kale, and kabob lovers, and some Keats and ML King lovers. 

L-I have a lot of logical friends, a few lawyers and some leftist friends.

M-There are some macho friends, some mellow ones, methodical and mocking friends.

N-Not to forget my naive friends, the nationalistic friends and noble friends. 

O-There are my observant friends, otherworldly and a few ostentatious friends. 

P-I have some pacifist as well as poet friends and picky friends.

Q-There is always one quiet friend, possibly a quantizer and a quibbler friend 

R-My rambunctious friends are fun, so are the romantics, & of course the Republicans. 

S-Having smart friends is useful, I like my suave friends and the sensitive ones. 

T-Sleepless friends are always up to chat but slowpokes not so much.

U-Sorry to say I don’t have any ufologists or Ugandan friends but I like to. 

V-I have some valuable friends and some friend with very good values. 

W-Happy to say I have some wine lover friends and unfortunately some whiners too.

X-X-ray technicians, a few Xer friends, but xylophone players are rear these days

Y-I have a yachtswoman & yachtsman but they're not Face-booking much. I have no yakuza or Yalie friends either.

Z-Would be interesting to have one zaddikim friend but I wouldn’t know what to do with a zoftig

Keats-(1916–83) US illustrator and author of children's books
Ostentatious-showy way designed to impress
Pacifist- a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable
Quantizer-apply quantum theory to, especially form into quanta
Rambunctious-uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous
Ufologists-the study of UFOs
Xer-another term for Gen Xer.
Yakuza- a Japanese gangster or racketeer.
Zaddikim -a Hasidic spiritual leader or guide

Zoftig-a woman having a full, rounded figure; plump

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